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Visiting Turkey is an unforgettable experience for sure. The scenery, history, Turkish cuisine, hospitality, architecture, coastlines, nature and the fascinating culture...

Turkey is a beautiful and unique country offering many opportunities to citizens of the world. The north, the south, the east and the west, all regions have its own original ambience.

The country is known as the bridge between East and West. Its strategic position is also distinct as it’s centrally located. Today, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for investment. These all make Turkey a rising star globally.

There are many appealing facts about Turkey, which attract people for living and investing. Especially, Izmit is the most preferred city of the country specifically for foreign investors.

Turkey is attractive for many reasons. When it’s about Real Estate Market, the country’s charm increases more and more. As your property expert, we would like to inform you more about the inviting facts for your investment.

Why Invest in Turkey

  • The economy is encouraging

  • Largest youth population in EU

  • Domestic market is in rapid development

  • Active and skillful workforce

  • Easy access to Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Northern Africa

  • Reformist investment climate

  • Innovative business environment

  • Major developments in transportation, technology, energy and telecommunications

  • Tax benefits

  • Powerful and solution-oriented banking system

Why Invest in Izmit

  • Beneficial geographical location

  • Real Estate and Residential markets are growing fast

  • Urban renewal offers many advantages and opportunities

  • High-educated and qualified workforce

  • Demand intensity

  • Rise in rents

  • Great chances in varied markets for foreign entrepreneurs

  • Huge increase in Real Estate projects

  • Developing modern transportation

  • If you are a frequent visitor, become also an investor as buying a property will be a very smart decision.